Personal Background Checks ​-  provides you with accurate and up-to-date information that you can trust. Our Standard Background Reports not only include a comprehensive arrest Records of the person you're looking for, but also provide you with contact information, address history, licenses, and so much more! Get in touch with old friends or protect yourself and your family from would-be predators!

We also offer a more extensive background check for those who want to know everything.

Elderly Fraud Detection - Financial crimes against the elderly fall under two general categories: fraud committed by strangers, and financial exploitation by relatives and caregivers.

Our investigator get to the heart of the matter. No matter the nature of the fraud, there are new and more sophisticated schemes all the time that target the elderly. We can help you establish  a suspect  and a systems to prevent recurrence.

Our investigator has many years of experience and was credited in finding Loretta Myers which was feature on "Unsolved Mysteries"

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Computer Forensic Investigations  - In today’s digital world, it is not uncommon for subject’s to memorialize damaging evidence on-line or through various methods of communication, texts, emails, MMS. Our firm employs computer forensic specialists, that will provide necessary knowledge and experience when looking to document any wrong doing or malfeasance.

Security Consulting and Support All security consultants provide security solutions for a range of disciplines and environments. We have the ability to think outside the box to develop solutions that work for each individual client. Our professional security consultants are skilled, ethical, and focused on your best interests; our people help you navigate the evolving security landscape.Every one of our consulting arrangements is a stand alone project, giving us the ability to custom-tailor programs and security solutions that will work for your organization, residence or individual needs. We develop an understanding for your business and provide unique solutions for each client.

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Litigation Support - In all types of litigation, we can assist attorneys and their clients develop evidence that will give them the advantage in their trial preparation and strategies. We provide comprehensive investigative reports on individuals and corporations at any time during the trial process. We also routinely helps attorneys’ clients locate reluctant witnesses or conduct canvasses to identify previously unknown witnesses.Our investigators throughout Florida will analyze any case-related financial records, or other discovery materials, and provide a comprehensive summary of relevant aspects or provide recommendations for follow-up litigation support investigations or document requests.

Matrimonial  Investigations  - As private investigators, we will work with your legal counsel to uncover evidence or information that will support your case. Our investigators may provide knowledge about a spouse’s real activities and document these activities which will often provide enormous leverage and advantage in the litigation process. Evidence of misconduct may be obtained by our investigators during the surveillance in regards to your case. The physical surveillance can be used to establish evidence of activities such as: infidelity, child endangerment or neglect, and financial misconduct. - 

We also offer the following services......

Undercover Investigations  - We have conducted many undercover undercover investigations. Often undercover investigations are undertaken to reveal theft, or drug sales/drug use in the workplace, however, undercover investigations can also have other unique benefits. Undercover investigations can be a valuable source of information about the true internal operations of any business enterprise. Whether it is a corporate office environment, a factory or warehouse, a restaurant/bar, or a retail establishment, we can provide business owners and management with an inside look at what is actually occurring in their workplace. Undercover investigations must be managed carefully and with effectively.

Missing Person Investigation - Our licensed investigators can locate most individuals in a reasonable amount of time. We employ only the most experienced and professional investigators available and we promise confidentiality, safety, and professionalism at all times.Our investigators will begin by learning as much as possible about the individual you are looking for, then they’ll use their years of experience and knowledge in the investigation. If you have lost touch with a family member, loved one or old friend, or your child has run away from home, our investigators have the experience to help locate the missing persons

Corporate Investigations  - We specializes in providing services that give businesses that competitive edge. Besides conducting Due Diligence on individuals and corporations, we have experienced Investigators who are available for Emergency Business Investigations, Workplace Violence or Harassment cases, and Theft or Embezzlement cases. Our investigators have many years of experience working with executive level management, as well as Human Resource professionals, in dealing with business related issues that challenge companies every day.

Executive Protection  -  Today’s executives and high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security protection planning, coordination and management. We understand those risks. We also understand how to provide personal protection that will not encumber the lifestyle of our principal.Our Executive Protection Specialists are all former law enforcement and have been trained in the art of executive protection, utilizing the U.S. Secret Service course on tactics and protection responsibilities. The majority of our Executive Protection specialists have spent years protecting government dignitaries, as well as other high profile individuals both in the corporate and celebrity worlds. 

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Security Assessments-  All security assessments are not created equally. Many in the security industry have taken the easy approach when conducting assessments every business and individuals have different needs. We will use our experience to conduct a thorough assessment of your business or your home and provide you with a comprehensive report and training. Our philosophy will deliver enhanced safety and security to your property and individual we work with. We will design the assessment to you property.

Due Diligence Investigations - We will provide comprehensive background information and intelligence regarding the subject’s personal and business reputations, records of litigation and disputes and other identified or undisclosed concerns enabling our clients to invest successfully, resolve disputes and preserve the integrity of their brand, reputation and employees. The end result is a detailed profile of any issue of concern enabling the client to manage their position in the proposed transaction.The reports enable you to avoid bad decisions and allow you to understand and anticipate risks, enhance your negotiating position, and satisfy regulatory requirements. Detailing companies and individuals, our due diligence investigations supports both deals and recruitment. Our methods combine meticulous, specialist research with focused inquiries.

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